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Polysec Pro

New Project From Polygon Network is Here – Polysec Pro: Formerly known as MATIC, it’s a framework for developing unified block networks. It seeks to tackle a few of ETH’s major limitations – including incorrect user experience, its throughput (top speed as well as delayed in transactions), and absence of community governance – using a novel side chain solution.

Somewhat than being an easy scaling solution like its precursor MATIC – which uses a technology known as plasma to process operations off-chain before finalizing them on the ETH or main chain – Polygon is made to be a complete platform made for launching interoperable blocks.

Through Polygon, every developer can launch preset block network with attributes trailed to their requirements. These can be additionally customized with a growing number of modules, which permit developers to make sovereign blocks with further specific functionality.

How does it work?

Polygon’s architecture can great be defined as a 4 layer system as compared to the ETH layer, Polygon network layer, security layer, and exclusion layer. The ETH layer is essentially a set of smart agreements which are implemented on ETH.

These smart agreements manage things transaction inevitability, staking as well as contact among ETH and the different Polygon network chains. The security layer runs side by side with ETH and gives a Validators as the role of a service which lets chains to advantage form an additional layer of security. Both the security layer and ETH are optional.

Did you know?

A side chain is a semi-independent block that works in tandem with a linked main chain – normally to improve its capabilities or speed. Beyond this, there’re 2 mandatory layers. The 1st is the Polygon layer that is a system of block-chain networks built on Polygon. Any of these has its community and is responsible for handling local consensus as well as producing blocks.

The 2nd is the Execution layer that is Network’s EVM completion used for carry out smart agreements. Chains introduced on this platform are able of corresponding both with one another and with ETH main chain thanks to Polygon’s random communication passing abilities. This’ll allow a number of new use cases, such as D-apps and the simple crypto exchange of worth among diverse platforms.

ETH’s Internet of Block-Chains

Polygon Network is made to ease a future where various blocks no longer function as closed-off siloes as well as owing communities, but instead as networks that fit into a broader interconnected landscape. Its long-term aim is to allow an open, borderless world in which users can easily interact with decentralized services and products without 1st having to navigate through intermediaries and walled gardens.

It aims to make a hub that various blockchain can simply plug into – while simultaneously overcoming a few of their limitations – such as poor scalability, high fees, and very limited security.

Polygon uses a range of technologies to achieve this expanded vision, these includes are:

  • Plasma chains – It makes use of a scaling tech recognized as Plasma to turn assets among the source chain with child chains through plasma connections.
  • POS chain – The main chain of Polygon network in an ETH side-chain recognized as the MATIC POS Chain that adds POS security layer to blocks launched on Polygon.
  • Optimistic Rollup – it is method that runs on ETH to ease immediate transactions via the use of fake proofs.
  • ZK Rollups – A substitute scaling solution used to bundle a huge number of transfers off-chain into one transaction, using zero experience of proofs for the ultimate public record on the ETH main chain.

As you might have experienced, MATIC (Polygon network) intends to slot in more than 1 scaling clarification, in keeping with its aim of reducing barriers to entry by trying to decrease transaction charges to a bare minimum. By getting multi-pronged way to the problem of scaling, the MATIC network is hedging its stakes, should any scaling result fail to achieve its purpose.

New Project of Polygon Finance is here – Polysec Pro

As we’re entering the bull marketplace, returns that we used to get previously from conventional Polygon investment are going down day by day. Those juicy returns that we got from Curve and AAVE are no more!
The collapse of Iron Titan and Rug pulls are causing FUD in the community of polygon and they’re reluctant to invest in Polygon network farms. Polygon investors/farmers are trying to move to other DEFI systems or looking for new and authentic strategies.

Holy Grain of Polygon network DEFI is here

What if I say seek for high yield investment is correct under our nose and you can halt your search. This investment plan will provide you with a total return of up to 1078 percent in 35 days! That too is with stability in interest rate!

Enter the world of Polysec!!!

Launched on thirty June, a deposit of 34,154 MATIC tokens is already in Polysec, in just ten days and still growing!
2 investments strategies that make the Polysec project very attractive

Interest plan capitalization

Plan 5, 6, 7, 8 comes below this category. Here your capital is locked for certain times as per plan details. As returns are compounded and as there’s a 0.3 percent boost in the day-by-day interest rate, the return will be high as compared to the other set of plans. If you want, you can withdrawal fifty percent of the stake but then completely go back to the pool. In this strategy, profit on staking can be withdrawn anytime you want. In this plan, the revenue for a new deposit will boost daily, which will be explained in the calculation section.

Withdraw any time plan

As the name suggests in this plan, the staked amount can be withdrawn anytime. Plan 1 to 4 comes below this tag. But stacked MATIC can’t be un-stacked after withdrawing interest/profit.


Let’s consider first investment is one thousand MATIC and we’re considering 14 days.

Plan one

  • Primary investment 1000 MATIC
  • Daily profit 10.8 percent
  • Complete return in 14 days 151 percent equal to 1510 MATIC (this is not a profit. Its primary investment is one thousand MATIC, as well as profit 510 MATIC. So the real profit, is 51 percent)

Plan two

  • Primary investment 1 thousand MATIC
  • Daily profit 10.8 percent
  • Return is 1st day 1000 10.8 percent = 1108 MATIC ⦁ Profit boost each day = .3 percent ⦁ Return on 2nd day 1108 (10.8 plus .3) percent = 1230.9 MATIC
  • Complete returns in 14 days are 320 percent = 2300 MATIC (this is not all the profit, its primary investment plus a profit of 2200 MATIC, so the real profit is 220 percent).

Referral Income

You’ll get 6 percent from any of the referral despots, which is another big bonus.


Though I’m a financial expert or adviser, I’m seeing fine growth in Polysec pro, the growth they made recently is extremely impressive. I am taking note of this great growth from the 1st day itself looks to be going in the right way. The community support is also great and the admin is active in replying proactively. Lastly, please ensure to do your own research before investing in sort of projects.

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